Sedation dentistry is a valuable tool used at Big Timber Family Dental to ensure our patients feel as comfortable and pain-free as possible. It is a wonderful resource for those who may feel nervous, anxious or fearful of their dental treatment. Sedation dentistry uses sedative medication provided by Dr. Kelsey Fraser to provide a more calmed and relaxed feeling. Some patients may only need a small to moderate dose of sedation while others require complete anesthesia, which you may read about in the page below:

There are three main types of sedation dentistry, recommended according to your individual needs and concerns:

  • Nitrous Oxide – Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a gaseous form of sedation mixed with oxygen and is simply inhaled during treatment. It is mild and temporary and will only last a few minutes after it is provided.
  • Oral Sedation – Oral sedation is a sedation medication in the form of a pill. You are first provided with a prescription from our dentist and then take the pill before your appointment, so that you feel more at ease when arriving to our office.
  • IV Sedation – Provided intravenously (through the veins), IV sedation is safe and easily controlled. It is not intended to make you fall asleep, but you may feel so relaxed that you cannot remember much of your treatment.

Contact our office at 406-932-5919 to learn more about which services we provide for sedation dentistry in Big Timber, Montana. We also ask that if you are planning on having oral or IV sedation dentistry at your visit, you must have a friend or family member to drive you.