Whether you are simply playing ball with your friends or engaging in rigorous sporting events, both activities can become an opportunity for accidents or injuries. Even falling onto a hard surface at home can cause severe damage to your teeth. So regardless of your lifestyle, dental emergencies can arise. When this happens, you want a dependable and fast-acting source for your dental needs.

With our experienced and committed team, Big Timber Family Dental is your family’s source for emergency dental treatment in Big Timber, Montana. We are understanding and compassionate towards individuals who may need immediate dental services. We provide prompt attention and care during any dental emergency.

If you experience any of the following dental emergencies, please contact us immediately:

  • Extreme dental discomfort or pain
  • Have a tooth knocked out, broken or chipped
  • Injuries to oral tissues, such as your gums, tongue, cheeks and lips
  • A dislodged or damages dental restoration, including a crown, bridge or filling

When you call 406-932-5919 about a dental emergency, our team will quickly arrange for you to come in and may also provide you with necessary care instructions. However, if you have acquired more serious trauma to the head or neck, please visit your nearest emergency room or general physician.