Full and partial dentures are often recommended to those with complete or partial edentulism (toothlessness). A loss of teeth can be caused by severe facial trauma, natural aging processes, advanced periodontal disease, decay or other injuries. No matter the reason, our dentist is committed to helping you achieve a functional and beautiful smile. For this reason, she may recommend you have full or partial dentures in Big Timber, Montana.

The two types of dentures (full and partial) are both provided with the intention to complete and restore your smile. During a dentures consultation at Big Timber Family Dental, Dr. Kelsey Fraser will help you determine the most applicable options for your needs. His recommendation is based on your current oral health, treatment concerns and future goals for your smile. During this visit, we will also inform you of the cost of dentures, how to properly care for them, how long it may take to get used to this new oral appliance, their longevity, and more.

If you are missing some or all of your teeth and no longer feel comfortable with your smile, dentures may be a satisfactory improvement. We can help you arrange a consultation and answer any questions you may have by calling 406-932-5919 and speaking to one of our team members. We look forward to renewing your smile and your confidence!