Many individuals are fixed on the idea that receiving a root canal treatment can be extremely discomforting. However, at Big Timber Family Dental, our dentist and team provide root canal treatments to alleviate your discomfort, not cause it. The most notable source of pain in a root canal comes from not treating its infection and as a result, it becomes tender and irritated. In addition, when improperly caring for your oral health, any age can attain a root canal infection.

Without a root canal treatment in Big Timber, Montana, your oral health can be susceptible to further infection and eventually, tooth loss. For example, a cracked tooth or a severe cavity can create an opportunity for your dental pulp (the internal core of your tooth) to become infected. Indications of an infected root canal include symptoms such as gum swelling, a hole in your tooth, a toothache and increased sensitivity to temperature.

With the intention of saving your tooth from extraction, we often provide a root canal treatment as the primary alternative. We also employ technological advances, local anesthetics and have a skillful dentist, Joshua Holt, to perform our dental services. So, we can make this procedure noticeably more comfortable for our patients. To end your dental aches and pains, please call us at 406-932-5919 and arrange your consultation with our team.