A patient may require in-office general anesthesia if they have a great challenge in receiving dental care. General anesthesia causes patients to fall asleep and allows our dentist and team to provide the necessary treatment with ease. Patients can have general anesthesia in Big Timber, Montana, either by inhalation or by injection. However, we also use a local anesthetic during the treatment, so that patients can wake up feeling numb and remain comfortable after their general anesthesia wears off.

Dr. Kelsey Fraser may recommend general anesthesia for any of the following scenarios:

  • A child has difficulty sitting still or relaxing during treatment to the point where treatment cannot be given safely
  • A patient is having a more extensive procedure, such as oral surgery, that is best provided when they are asleep
  • A patient has special needs or a disability that make it challenging to understand instructions or receive treatment safely
  • A patient receiving many extensive treatments in a single visit

Patients receiving general anesthesia at Big Timber Family Dental are provided with detailed instructions and advice in regard to earing and drinking before and after their treatment. Post-operative care instructions will also be provided to ease your recovery. If you have any questions on these instructions or about general anesthesia, please contact our office at 406-932-5919.