As one of the most common restorations, dental crowns are used to provide a variety of improvements. If your tooth has significant damage or decay, our dentist may reccomend a dental crown to protect and restore your smile. Since every crown is made uniquely to fit correctly and match the shape and coloration of the teeth adjacent to it, your smile’s appearance remains natural and complete once the dental crown is in place.

Dental crowns at Big Timber Family Dental are provided with CEREC, our state-of-the-art milling technology, which allows us to create and place your dental crown in just one visit. Patients at Big Timber Family Dental enjoy the convenience and efficiency of CEREC technology immensely as well as the high-quality porcelain materials used to create their restoration.

Other reasons Dr. Kelsey Fraser may recommend a dental crown in Big Timber, Montana, include:

  • Completing the restoration process of your dental implant
  • Providing support for other restorations, such as a dental bridge
  • Strengthening a misshapen, weakened or fractured tooth
  • Adding further protection to a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Enhancing the shape and beauty of your tooth
  • Improving the overall appearance of you smile

For those who are interested in visiting with our dentist about dental crowns, we invite you to call 406-932-5919.