Our goal is to provide patients with the most suitable, conservative and efficient dental care possible. For this reason, we offer dental inlays and onlays for those who have sustained minor or moderate decay to their teeth. This treatment is ideal for cases in which a dental crown is unwarranted and a dental filling is insufficient, and our dentist will help you determine which restoration option best fits your dental needs.

Dental inlays and onlays are also known as partial crowns and are fabricated out of the same materials. They are placed to fit exactly into the groove of your tooth to restore its function and improve its shape simultaneously. With the precision and skill of Dr. Kelsey Fraser, they are virtually imperceptible and effectively conserve any sound tooth structure.

While dental inlays and onlays are similar, there are subtle differences in their restorative purposes. A dental inlay is an enlarged filling that and are generally a more durable option than dental fillings. A dental onlay, in comparison, is a slightly more extensive restoration that helps to repair the overall structure and cusps of your tooth. If you are interested in dental inlays and onlays in Big Timber, Montana, you are welcome to call 406-932-5919 and schedule your treatment consultation.