As a frequently performed restoration, dental fillings are used to repair damage and decay found within a tooth. In addition, they are tooth-colored to appear as natural as possible. Below you may learn more about the steps of most dental fillings in Big Timber, Montana:

  1. Local Anesthesia – Prior to your treatment, our team applies or injects a local anesthesia to numb your teeth and the area surrounding it. This is provided to prevent you from any possible discomfort.
  2. Removal of Tooth Decay – Dr. Fraser will then begin to remove any decay from within your enamel by using a drill. Once this has been completed, she prepares your tooth for the filling by shaping your tooth structure.
  3. Etching – Most dental fillings are bonded directly to your tooth. Before this can happen, your tooth must be lightly etched prior to the filling being placed.
  4. Application of Resin – Some dental fillings are applied with resin layer by layer and hardened to strengthen it.
  5. Polishing – Your tooth will be polished after your filling is placed to ensure it feels smooth and natural.


If you have any questions for our dentist regarding dental fillings, please contact our office at 406-932-5919 or visit us today!