While often a necessary part of medical treatment, radiation exposure can be harmful when unrestrained. For this reason, we provide an oral radiation protection device in Big Timber, Montana, to ensure those receiving radiation therapy, whether for medical or dental purposes, are guarded against any unsafe consequences. Areas like the head, neck, and thyroid are susceptible to adverse effects from radiation; even more sensitive to this exposure are the teeth, tongue, gums, gingiva, jawbone, periodontal ligaments, salivary glands and nearby bodily structures.

To protect such impressionable areas, Dr. Joshua Holt provides patients with a custom-made appliance known as an oral shield or shielding device. Individuals undergoing radiotherapy or X-ray examinations can experience strain on unprotected areas, so our dentist is careful to offer additional protection to our patients. With an oral radiation protection device, patients are safeguarded from overexposure and the ill effects that accompany it, such as oral mucosa and other complications from surplus radiation rays.

To learn more about the advantages, benefits and necessities of having an oral radiation protection device, please get in touch with our office at 406-932-5919 to arrange your visit with our dentist. We look forward to caring for your oral health and your overall wellbeing.